About Us

Our expertise?

We deliver the balance between training, education, inspiration, adventure & downtime.

Journey Retreats is a company designed to swing the balance for the busy professionals of Australia. Those who work hard, train and party hard, and are looking for the reset button.

The training at Journey Retreats is programmed to suit the individual, to challenge you to achieve more than you know you’re capable of, mentally and physically. The Trainers support you throughout your personal journey.

It’s a week of solid fitness and meaningful wellness—with a side of lounging by the pool.

This is your week in the sun to reset and recharge; on your time.

journey retreats.
swing the balance.

Travel Solo or with a friend

Mingle with good, like-minded humans over a workout by the pool or while catching some rays. This is the new way to network, on island time.

Regardless of age or whether you are wanting to lose weight, gain weight or purely just want to be active for active sake, one thing remains the same.

We know an active lifestyle is good for you, both physically and mentally. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, our workouts are holistic and can be tuned up or down depending on your personal needs.