swing the balance.

more than superfood salad and sun salutations

Healthy bodies and happy minds, working together as one.

Journey Retreats is all of the good stuff and none of the bad. Far more than superfood salad and sun salutations; it’s a week of solid fitness and meaningful wellness—with a side of lounging by the pool.

This is your week in the sun to reset and recharge; on your time.


journey retreats.

swing the balance.

Our Destinations

Push ups in paradise. Our Journey locations are touched with intimacy and hugged by some beautiful surroundings. With numerous locations on offer across Australia & Bali, we’re sure to have something to suit your needs.

We’ll feed you with fresh, nutrient-dense meals daily, as well as the experiences that will shape you beyond the physical. We don’t just retreat. We reload – with the good stuff. You’ll leave with new habits to take home and continue, so your journey doesn’t end when The Journey does.

What is Journey?

Upcoming Retreats

Journey Retreats x 28

August 19 – August 22

Journey Retreats x PLANT PROOF


Journey Retreats x THE BOD

September 9 – September 12

Journey Retreats Exclusive

October 10 – October 16

Journey Retreats Exclusive
(Mitch Orval)

November 13 – November 19