A few words from our friends

“I would and have already recommended this trip! I absolutely loved it. Thanks so much Journey Retreats. You’ll be seeing me again”

Felicity – October 2019

“Journey was one of the best weeks of my life! I learnt a lot about myself and how capable I was to do something on my own like travelling to Bali on a retreat solo. It really got me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to new limits in my health and fitness. Now being back home I feel more motivated to push myself in my workouts and feeling more motivated to smash all my goals in life!!”

Sam – September 2019

“I came back from my time with Journey refreshed, fitter and with so much more knowledge! I would recommend this trip to anyone, we are already planning to come back next year and do it again. All the staff were amazing. A massive thank you to everyone because it was one of the best holidays I have done”

Erin – August 2019

“Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a lifestyle reset from emotional/physical/mental stressors; seeking a physical and mental challenge; and an active holiday in beautiful Bali. Journey has reinvigorated my approach to fitness training, helped me to adjust my nutrition and build on my mental resilience towards personal development activities”

Vicki – August 2019

“I could go on for hours, days, months about how incredible this experience was – I’m so grateful I put my anxiety aside and came on my own. I will DEFINITELY be doing another retreat as soon as I can. Thank you for allowing me to experience this Journey!”

Brogan – May 2019

“An incredible week of health, wellness and all round good times. You’ve nailed it Team Journey!”

Josh – April 2019

The Crew

what they say about the Journey crew

“Friendly, engaging, approachable & knowledgeable. Was a really well rounded team”

Erin – October 2019

“Absolute legends! The crew were very approachable and happy to get involved throughout the week. Their knowledge and professionalism was great, also very fun to be around!”

Chloe – September 2019

“You guys are outstanding. It must be difficult trying to maintain the same interest, energy and focus in Journey clients after running several retreats. Yet I felt like we were the first group you’d had through; such was the enthusiasm and authenticity. Nothing was too hard for you, no question was too mundane for you. Well done”

Blake – August 2019

Training & Yoga

but what about the workouts?

“Was challenging but rewarding. There was a good mix of workouts and I enjoyed the variety. The trainers were also incredible in sharing their knowledge and passion”

Sarah – September 2019

“Awesome cardio and resistance workouts that challenged me – adaptable options for injuries and abilities”

Vicki – August 2019

“Sh*t I have never worked out that hard, and loved every minute of it! The thought and consideration that went into every session was really cool to watch, the trainers were all so passionate and had different strengths and skill sets which was awesome. I walked away with a new respect for training and pushing myself to the limits! So thank you!”

Bec – August 2019

“This was probably the highlight. A very non-threatening environment to do yoga in; Sarah was the greatest teacher I’ve ever had”

Lucy – August 2019


you can’t spell retreat without eat

“The food was INCREDIBLE. So much variety. Still not over it”

Sarah – August 2019

“The food was perfect! I LOVED IT. The 24/7 snack bar was incredible and I loved that we never went hungry. I thought it was 10/10”

Katie – August 2019

“Ate like a king”

Adam – August 2019

“Amazing food. My allergy was always recognised and accommodated for”

Rahnee – June 2019